Print Sizes/Pricing

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I like to provide adequate space for the image to float in when framing and matting, especially the limited edition prints. As an example: The prints that are 11″x17″ image size, are framed within a 24″x26″ matt and frame. This gives ample space for the viewer to enter the space of the image.

I also use a simple Nielson frame to give a contemporary look for most all the work that I have framed for exhibition and sale. Museum quality wood frames are also available through special order. I use G.W. Mayer Custom Framing, in Milwaukee Wisconsin, and Nevada City Picture Framing, in Nevada City Ca. I have found the quality of the work is of the highest available.

There are four standard image sizes that I have been working with the above concept in mind. Limited editions series exist in the prints that are 10″x15″ and larger.

Pricing is variable within each limited edition, depending on which number and image within the series.

Discount packages are also available for those who wish to purchases two or more prints.

6″x9″ image, framed 11″x14″
$80.00 to $140.00

10.5″x10.5 image, matted or framed 16″x17″.
$55.00 for matted print only. 105.00 to $140.00 framed.
Examples below – click on image for larger view.
[nggallery id=24]
This formatt really works good with some of the “Flower Series” images, using them as power Feng Shui balancing devices for your living space.

10″x15″ image framed 16″x20″
$250.00 to $295.00

11″x17″ image, framed 24″x26″
$450.00 to $600.00 Click on image below for larger view.
[nggallery id=18]
Above image is “17×11″ image framed 24″x26”. Please click on image for larger view.

20″x30″ image, framed 29″x39″
$600.00 to $1,800.00 and some are on sale at retail outlets.
[nggallery id=15]
This print is 20″x30″ framed 29″x39″ with a Nielson frame – click on image for a larger view.

CUSTOM PRINTING IMAGE SIZES – up to 40″x50″ image with custom framing options available. Pricing quotes are handled on an individual basis per project.
[nggallery id=16]
This is a commissioned work, with image size 36″x52″ getting ready for 48″x62″ frame and installation at customers home.



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