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How would it feel to have one of these images in you home, office, or your child’s room? Images have a way of bringing in life and transforming our living and work spaces. How would it feel?

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This most recent body of work is The “Flower Series,” a direct reflection of deepening my connection within the creative process through Full-Wave Breathing. I can now feel the beauty of what this earth has to offer us and present it so others can feel and see.

All of my images are created with the highest quality printing technology currently available and printed on some of the finest Archival Fine Art papers. Each print has been coated with UV protection after printing.

Robert Lewis Smith is the printer who I have been working with on the larger scale images that have become available. Robert is also professor of photography at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. It has been his expertise, with the large scale printing, that has helped bring my vision to the larger works that have been created.

This is a commissioned work, with image size 36″x52″ getting ready for 48″x62″ frame and installation at customers home.


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    The flower photos inside the Kama Coffee House drew me in. The shots are amazing. How can you maintain the depth of field at such close distances and at such large formats? You do nice work.

    December 3, 2010 at 11:57 pm

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