Breathwork & Creative Process

One of the biggest benefits that I found to deepen my connection with the creative process, was that of the Full-Wave Breathing method of breath-work. Meditation has always been part of my creative process, and within my background, I have encountered a number of great teachers who all have helped me and others with various methods of this process.

What I found and like about the Full-Wave Breathing is, it will enhance any practice that you are involved with. For me, it has helped me integrate further into my feeling body of awareness and my imagination. It has helped me get back into the intention of heart, where I can get the feeling of what I experienced at the locations of my images, back into the work for others to potentially see and feel.

What I like about the Full-Wave Breathing, It’s fundamental principle is to KEEP IT SIMPLE. If we are not breathing in fully, engaging our whole body as it was meant to breathe, we are missing the full capacity of what we are born with… LIFE!

Two individuals introduced me into Full-Wave Breathing. Dr. Caron Goode, and Dr. Tom Goode. Dr. Caron Goode recently was awarded “Best Books 2009” by USA Book News, within the “Parenting/Family” category, “Raising Intuitive Children”. Caron is also the founder of the Academy for Coaching Parents ( Dr Tom Goode is founder of the International Breath Institute and developed the Full-Wave Breathing methodology. His website for more information can be found at

For those in the Milwaukee area, classes are available for anyone who wishes to experience this Full-Wave Breathing first hand. One location for the classes are currently being held at Jewel of India Yoga Studio, proprietor Sylvie Horvath and Yoga instructor, 826 East Center Street, Friday evenings from 5:00pm to 6:30pm. Drop-ins are welcome but we ask to come about 15 minutes early for a brief introduction.


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